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James from Cross Creek:

Initially upon signing my lease with the property I was not sure if I wanted to agree to a 22 mo term because I usually will not sign a lease beyond 12 mo...Approaching my lease end in about two weeks and I've already resigned for another year's term! I think what caught my attention upon 1st visit was the generosity and friendliness of the staff. The complex is well kept and ALWAYS so peaceful and quiet. When shown a model of the unit I had chosen I was sold almost immediately upon entering the residence. There are several upgrade options available so extending a lease is not much a commitment to the same unit in regards to change of scenery because there are so many different ways to customize your environment. I would also like to commend the residents who volunteer to keep a close eye on the neighborhood in regards to trash and keeping everyone posted with newsletters and memos. The staff always has various activities going on rather pool parties...yard nights etc and even provides different contest for prizes such as free lunches and even credits on rent! Not to mention emails received as invites for free breakfast lunch coffee etc just to show appreciation. The icing on the cake for me is the new option for online rent payment. This is a really awesome place to live!

Derric from Cross Creek:

These apartments are wonderful. And a great atmosphere for my 4 yr old daughter. I'd recommend them to all who asks!