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Cross Creek Apartments has more perks than just our great amenities, awesome apartments and super rates. One of the great advantages of Cross Creek Apartments is our location. The nearby community of colleges/universities, commerce, and nightlife brings you big city entertainment, sports, and the arts with one of the quickest accesses possible (about 2 miles) to get to the interstate – just in case you do want to get out of this awesome town.

Some of our residents' and staff's favorite locales are:


For theater plays:

Music clubs:

Other music venues in and around Greensboro:

Movie Theaters:


Recreation (Lakes, Parks, Boating)

In town:

Just outside of town:

Around an hour from town:

  • Hanging Rock-Great for hiking, camping, swimming, trail running, and even rock climbing
  • Pilot Mountain-Perfect location to hike, camp, or swim.